Guidebook on water conservation in apartments

apartments in Maradu

High rise buildings, with more of 3 bhk apartments in Ernakulam, face a severe shortage of water. Builders and apartment owners are constantly in search of ways to reduce the consumption of water.

There are apartments in Maradu which have adopted most of the water conservation methods listed below.

#1: Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting entails collecting the rainwater falling on rooftops. They can be directed into groundwater wells or can be filtered and supplied to the apartments for use.

#2: Re-use of water

Wastewater from the bathrooms, toilet and kitchen sinks, showers, washing machines can be collected and re-used for toilet flushing and gardening purposes.

#3: Water-saving gadgets

Adapters fitted on to taps and faucets control the flow of water through them, minimizing usage by half.

Installing tippy taps which dispense limited quantities of water for washing hands each time it is opened reduces wastage.

#4: Repair of leaky faucets

Timely repair of the leaks in faucets, pipes, and taps prevent loss of hundreds of gallons of water.

#5: Dual flush toilet tanks

The two buttons on the tank release different quantities of water as per requirements minimizing wastage of water.

#6: Showerheads

Installing low-flow showerheads reduces the quantity of water showered. Automatic valve systems that stop the flow of water after a pre-calculated optimal showering time control the usage of water.

#7: Washing machine

Fewer the wash cycles, lesser the water used. It would be advisable to load the machine to its maximum capacity for each wash instead of washing a few clothes several times.

#8: Kitchen

Kitchen is one place where water is used in plenty. Utensils can be washed by soaking them in a water-filled sink and vegetables can be washed in vessels rather than holding under an open tap.

#9: Gardening

Strict monitoring of water supply for gardening has to be ensured. Greywater or treated water has to be channeled for watering and sprinkler systems. Drip irrigation helps in watering plants with the right amount of water at the required times preventing over watering of plants.

Watering plants in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler prevents water from being lost due to evaporation.

#10: General

Brooms can be used to clean driveways and paths instead of hosing them with water. Swimming pools can be covered to prevent evaporation. Instead of washing cars they can be dusted and wiped clean without using running water.

#11: Water meters

Installation of water meters in individual apartments will help the user gauge his/her usage of water helping them to exercise proper controls.

#12: Awareness

Last but not least, it is important to educate the apartment owners on the ways and methods of conservation.

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