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Hebron Silvershores Kundannoor

Hebron Silver Shores- Lake View Apartment In Kochi

Kundanoor can be said to be the most convenient junction in the city of Cochin. The junction connects the south and the north of Kerala, an easy entry and easy exit to-from Cochin. Kundanoor is like a quick fix to many of the urban problems faced in the city of Cochin. Kundanoor as a town lies on the transit of domestic as well as International travelers in Kerala. Every day hundreds of tourist pass Kundanoor to reach the famous old harbor town of Fort Kochi. Hebron Silver shores are just minutes away from the intersection. Located on the banks of Vembanad lake, Hebron building occupies a vantage location which is away from the urban chores, close to silent Vembanad lake and close to all essential civil needs. Hebron’s Lake view Apartments near Kundannoor puts you in between everything that is awesome about living in Cochin.

With Apartment choices, A, B, C, D, E and F which varies in floor space. Type A is 1688 Sq.ft, Type A1 is 1771 Sq.ft, Type B is 1328 Sq.ft, Type B1 is 1317 Sq.ft, Type C is 1560 Sq.ft, Type D is 1777 Sq.ft, Type D1 is 1822 Sq.ft, Type E is 1777 Sq.ft, Type E1 is 1822 Sq.ft and Type F is 1410 Sq.ft. They differ in BHK as well. The design of each apartment is in such a way that they face the Vembanad lake from a point of the other. This assures the silent promise of the Hebron builders to each of its homebuyers in regards to the water-based culture of humans. The Hebron Silver shore makes your luxurious life localized, water-based and peaceful.

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